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Managing Food Production

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


Food manufacture is one of the world's largest industries. Head chefs, executive chefs and kitchen managers have to ensure that teams, management structure, resources and knowledge are in place in the correct balance to ensure that cost- effective, profitable, efficient and safe preparation and production of food is achieved, according to the organisation’s style and business targets. Hospitality students will acquire a basic knowledge of the special factors associated with food processing and food quality assurance. The aim of this unit is to enable students to examine different approaches and methods applied to food production planning, preparation and management in professional kitchen management.



  1. Explain the different types of and influences on the design of food preparation and production systems
  2. Identify the key principles and methods for planning food preparation and production
  3. Manage resources to deliver a consistent, safe and timely food production operation to meet the needs and expectations of the customer and business
  4. Use a variety of methods to monitor food production, identify variances and action to be taken to ensure a safe and efficient operation.


As in learning using a modular system, the existence of a relationship between one competency standard and another competency standard is a feature of continuous learning. As stated in the Module Position Map, this module does not stand alone but is supported by other competency standards. The prerequisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes that must be possessed when studying this competency are: Creative Patisserie and Artisan Bakery, Butchery and Fishmongery, Menu Development, Planning and Design, Food Innovation


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